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Information for Pulmonary & Heart Failure Rehabilitation Programs

Information for Pulmonary & Heart Failure Rehabilitation Programs

Lungs in Action is a safe and supportive community based exercise class that is aimed at supporting graduates pulmonary and heart failure rehabilitation.  Lungs in Action classes are only developed where there are identified needs in different community locations and when the local rehabilitation program is supportive of a Lungs in Action class.

Lungs in Action forms the continuum of care from the hospital to community based setting, and it is therefore important that local rehabilitation programs are confident and supportive of referring their patients to these classes.  To increase the confidence of rehabilitation programs referring out to the community and fostering a referral relationship between the rehabilitation and maintenance class the Lungs in Action training includes a practical component whish encompasses a mentoring role. For more information on the mentoring within the Lungs in Action training click here.

To obtain information on patient eligibility and how to refer to a Lungs in Action class click here.

It is encouraged that you use the class map locator to find your nearest Lungs in Action class.

If there are no local Lungs in Action options available to your graduating  patients, and you believe your local area would benefit from a Lungs in Action class please contact the program manager to discuss further.

To download the Lungs in Action fact sheet for rehabilitation clinicans please click below

PDF iconLungs in Action fact sheet for rehabilitation clinicians


Lungs in Action video for pulmonary and heart failure rehbailation clinicians