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Information for GP’s

Information for GP’s

Lungs in Action is an ongoing maintenance class designed for people with stable chronic lung conditions and stable chronic heart failure (NYHA Class I-III) who have completed a pulmonary or heart failure rehabilitation program. These classes provide a safe community based option to maintain the gains obtained through rehabilitation, in addition to providing participants with a supportive social environment. All Lungs in Action instructors have completed specific training through Lung Foundation Australia.

For those who have not completed pulmonary rehabilitation or heart failure rehabilitation, GP’s are encouraged to refer their patient into their local rehabilitation program.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is one of the most effective inter­ventions in COPD 1,2 and has been shown to reduce symptoms, disability and handicap, reduce hospitalisation3,4 and to improve function. It is therefore important that pulmonary rehabilitation of the management for those  with COPD.

To find out more on the Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for the management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease visit  www.copdx.org.au

Pulmonary rehabilitation locations can be found by clicking here.

Please be aware that Lungs in Action is a fitness program and not a health program. Instructors are not trained to provide any medical advice (although some physiotherapists and accredited exercise physiologists may have scope of practice to move beyond these parameters). However, the exercise professionals are trained to understand how to safely exercise clients with COPD or other chronic respiratory condition and heart failure. Blood pressure monitoring and measurement of oxygen saturation levels typically DO NOT occur in a Lungs in Action program. Instead program guidelines, monitoring of perceived exertion and monitoring of symptoms combined with a tight referral process maintain the safety of the program and of the participants.


Information on the referral process and eligibility of a Lungs in Action class can be found by clicking here.

For the current GP referral form click here.

For detailed information on Lungs in Action for GP’s download the document below.

PDF iconLungs in Action fact sheet for GP’s



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