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Get to know Pimpama & Nerang Lungs in Action Instructor

Introducing David Lawson



David Lawson- Lungs in Action Pimpama & Nerang QLD

Nerang PCYC (Cayuga St) & Pimpama Schools of Arts Hall (15 Clark Way)

Nerang PCYC on Tuesdays (from April 24th) & Thursdays at 11.30am, cost is $8 per session
Pimpama School of Arts Hall on Monday’s & Wednesdays at 1.30pm, cost is $5 per session


Time as a Lungs in Action Instructor: 9 Months

Qualifications: Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Why did you decide to become a Lungs in Action instructor?
I had been helping out with a Lift for Life fitness class at the Nerang PCYC and was asked by the manager if I would like to take over Lungs in Action while the instructor was on maternity leave. I looked in to the program and was very interested in what they were doing and how much they helped out people with very serious lung diseases.

You had to complete Lung Foundation Australia’s Lungs in Action training program to become an instructor. What was your experience of the training?
The training was a fantastic experience. The trainers at Helensvale clinic I was involved with are very passionate about what they do. The knowledge they bring to the rehabilitation program and Lungs in Action was a privilege to be involved with. The program was insightful in the underlying conditions that people experience but also in how the fitness program can aid in improving their quality of life. The skills that the training instilled in me have spilled over into other fitness classes I lead.

What do you like best about instructing a Lungs in Action class?
It is a privilege to instruct these classes. While many members do various activities and exercises during the week, these classes are a true meeting point for them. They look forward to seeing other members and having a group fitness class for themselves that helps maintain their fitness. As an instructor I help ensure they are doing the exercises correctly but also to speak with them and hear how they just get on with things each and every day. They are truly inspirational people.

What has been your highlight as an instructor?
One lady who comes to our classes has had a number of health issues for quite a while. Every time she comes in she is always so cheerful and thankful to be there. She says she loves coming to the classes and hates missing them.

What qualities do you feel are important to have as an instructor?
The ability to create an open and light atmosphere in the classes while having a good ear for my members. Lungs in Action members have a lot to deal with each and everyday, an enjoyable time in the class is a priority.

Why is ongoing exercise important to those who have completed pulmonary rehabilitation?
For anyone ongoing exercise is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle both from a physical and mental point of view. For anyone completing rehab continuing the exercise program is even more so. The gains people can make in just 8 weeks is incredible and so beneficial to their quality of life. Those gains can be quickly lost by not joining up to a Lungs in Action session. People have good intentions to continue exercise of their own after rehab is complete. Lungs in Action helps provide a structure that people can commit to and maintain discipline to hold onto those gains.

What exercises do you provide?
We follow the Lungs in Action guidelines and provide light weights for strength exercises such as shoulder press, bicep curls, resistance bands for leg presses and seated rows. We work all muscle groups with sit to stands, hand cranks, walking and stationary bicycles. I always take into account any other conditions my members may have to ensure they do as much as they can as safely as possible.

Do you have any advice to other exercise professionals interested in running a Lungs in Action class?
I know of people who have had COPD and related issues that have not done Lungs in Action or any exercise programs. Their health has deteriorated far too quick. It is difficult to exercise with chronic lung and heart issues, but the tools that rehab and Lungs in Action provide are invaluable to a better life. Everyday tasks become far more manageable and less taxing.

Anyone wanting more information can contact David on 0418 189 389, david@inspiredfit.com.au or on Facebook @ InspiredFit4u