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Lungs in Action Theory for Instructors



    What is covered in the Lungs in Action Instructor Training?

    The key components of the Lungs in Action theoretical training includes a Pulmonary Training Module and  a Heart Failure Training Module. Successful completion of both theory modules, in addition to the practical component is needed to obtain full instructor certification.

    The Pulmonary Module covers the following:

    • Refresher training on the respiratory system
    • What is COPD?
    • Other respiratory conditions
    • What is pulmonary rehabilitation?
    • Importance of exercise in COPD
    • Limitations of exercise in COPD
    • Recognising breathlessness
    • Managing breathlessness – recovery positions
    • Supplemental oxygen considerations
    • Other chronic conditions
    • Developing and implementing a tailored exercise program
    • Program design

    The Heart Failure Training Module covers the following:

    • Causes of Heart Failure
    • Symptoms of Heart Failure
    • Classifications of Heart Failure
    • Diagnosis of Heart Failure
    • Limitations to Exercise
    • Management of Heart Failure
    • Medications
    • Procedures (Pacemakers, ICD, Angioplasty, Stenting, Bypass)
    • Benefits of Exercise and Heart Failure
    • Safety Precautions when exercising
    • Heart Failure Rehabilitation
    • Programming for Heart Failure

    These points are all covered within a comprehensive online training program that comprises over 300 slides with pictures, voice over and videos to provide a classroom “feel”.

    You will be exposed to a number of videos which include; clients with COPD explaining the impact of their disease, COPD clients exercising, the inside the lungs and the impact of hyperinflation and mechanisms and impact of Heart Failure.

    Additionally all Lungs in Action trainees with be provided with extra notes pages, a training manual, participant workbook, online quizzes and learning activities all designed to develop a better understanding of COPD & Heart Failure.

    The online training forms the basis of the theoretical component of Lungs in Action.

    The practical component of Lungs in Action requires the trainee instructor to have a willing mentor at their local Pulmonary and Heart Failure Rehabilitation programs.   Mentors are required to be a Physiotherapist or Accredited Exercise Physiologist who possesses at least 12 months experience in delivering Pulmonary Rehabilitation & 12 months experience in delivery Heart Failure Rehabilitation. For those mentors who do not possess both, 2 mentors – one Pulmonary & one Heart Failure is utilised.

    Once suitable mentor/s have been identified  the practical component comprises of trainee instructors to attend:

    • At least 2 x pulmonary rehabilitation classes plus 2 x heart failure classes in order to work their way through a checklist of core competencies for each. If this is a combined class they may attend 3 combination classes.
    • A written assignment for which trainee instructors develop a sample class based on a sample list of participants. The trainee instructors are required to demonstrate that the design of their model Lungs in Action class takes into account the exercise modifications that might be necessary for the individual clients (given their disease severity and co-morbidities) and analyses the suitability of the location and layout of equipment etc. This assessment is overseen by the mentor to ensure the model class:
      • meets with their approval so they are confident to refer their clients, and
      • compliments the local pulmonary and heart failure rehabilitation program, ensuring a smoother transition for the clients.
    • A written class design for the heart failure program is given to the heart failure physiotherapist for sign off.
    • Practical assessment which is the delivery of a class with the pulmonary rehab mentor assessing them.


    The Pulmonary rehabilitation mentor will undertake the majority of the mentoring responsibilities. Therefore the PR mentor will perform the practical assessment and assess the Lungs in Action instructor trainee delivering a class.

    • Who can become a Lungs in Action instructor?

      Lungs in Action classes are delivered by Physiotherapists, Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists and/or suitably qualified Personal Trainers (Certificate IV Fitness with a minimum 2 years experience in the Older Adult specialty) who have been specially trained by Lung Foundation Australia.

      Lungs in Action instructors are trained to provide safe, maintenance exercise classes in local facilities such as community halls, fitness studios, gyms and university clinics etc.



    • How do I become a Lungs in Action instructor?

      Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists are immediately eligible for Lungs in Action training and can download the Full Accreditation Online Enrolment Form  and send it with their CV to the Program Manager – Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Lungs in Action.

      Exercise Scientists and Personal trainers who have a minimum of 2 years experience in the Older Adult competency are also eligible to become Lungs in Action instructors and can download the  Full Accreditation Online Enrolment Form and send it with their CV to the Program Manager – Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Lungs in Action.

      Occupational Therapists, Nurses and other health professionals who are interested in becoming Lungs in Action instructors are encouraged to contact the Program Manager –Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Lungs in Action to determine their eligibility.

    • Can I complete the Online Theory only?

      For those who either do not meet the minimum requirements to be an instructor, or if you would like to utilise the Lungs in Action theory as a training tool to enhance your knowledge base around exercising this clientele, there is an option to complete the online theoretical component only (at a lower cost).

      Allied Health Assistants, Fitness instructors, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Nurses and many other professions have opted to complete this option, providing very positive feedback about their training experience.

      Please note that completion of this option alone does not provide accreditation to run Lungs in Action classes.

      Access to this training is obtained by downloading the Information Only Online Enrolment Form, and sending to the Program Manager – Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Lungs in Action. In this instance, CVs are not required.

    • Will I obtain Continuing Education Points for the training?

      Fitness Aus CEC

      Lungs in Action is fully accredited by Fitness Australia and is worth 15 CEC’s with successful completion of the FULL instructor training.  10 Fitness Australia CEC’s can be obtained by completing the Information Only component of the Training


      New ESSA logo - white border

      Lungs in Action is fully accredited with ESSA, providing 15 CPD points for the successful completion of the FULL instructor training, and 8 CPD points for the Information Only component. .

    • What are the benefits of becoming a Lungs in Action instructor?

      Successful Lungs in Action instructors enjoy working as an extension of a team of health professionals in the rewarding area of chronic disease management. Successful programs see instructors gaining knowledge, extending their networks and developing excellent professional relationships with their referring mentors. This provides Lungs in Action instructors with an important referral stream of clients at a period of the day that is generally off-peak.

      Potential instructors are partnered with willing mentors prior to beginning the course.

      Instructors enjoy the personalized approach to the program as well as the increased knowledge.

      Instructors also receive:

      • a t-shirt
      • a copy of “Better Living with COPD – a Patients Guide”
      • access to flyers and posters for your use
      • advertising support on Lungs in Action/Lung Foundation Australia website
      • access to resource materials for their clients
      • ongoing assistance from Lung Foundation Australia


      Coming soon – online forum for instructors.

    • How much does it cost?

      Lung Foundation Australia has priced the Lungs in Action training to be affordable for instructors.
      Course prices can be obtained by contacting Program Manager – Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Lungs in Action




    • System Requirements

      Internet Explorer is NOT a recommended browser for this training. Internet Explorer is known to have issues recording your progress within the training platform. For example, Internet Explorer Version 9 will fail to record any of your training.

      For optimal viewing and performance of the training, one of the following browsers is recommended:

      • Firefox 4 and newer
      • Safari 5 and newer
      • Google Chrome 11 and newer
      • Opera 9.5 and later

      For prospective Lungs in Action trainees who have no other than Internet Explorer to complete the training (such as those who may be in government organisation with restrictions), there is the ability to make adjustments to the setting to ensure it works.  If you only have access to Internet Explorer,  and cannot use any other, please contact us BEFORE doing the course so we can check your setup and do the necessary adjustments to make sure it works.

      Alternatively downloading the free versions of the recommended browsers above (such as Google Chrone, Firefow etc) is a quick and simple task. If you would like assistance in doing this please contact us BEFORE commencing the training for support.

      Flash Player 6.0.79 or later.  Flash Player 7 or later recommended.

      Viewing the Lungs in Action program requires the Adobe Flash to be available on your computer. The latest version of the Flash player can be downloaded from the following site: http://www.adobe.com/go/getflash 

    • How Sessions Work

      The Lungs in Action online training contains a number of sessions, all of which must be completed. The online sessions can be completed at your own pace and time. Each session must be completed in order. If you have not successfully completed a session it will not unlock the one proceeding.

      Each session will open with an introductory page. To launch a session, simply click on the blue start button once you have entered the training portal. You will then be provided with the list of sessions available to you.  Press on the session name to launch. The session program will then load and may take a few seconds to do so (Adobe Reader is required to view).

      The sessions consist of an animated presentation with a voice over.  Beside each screen, there is a notes tab which can be alternated to an outline tab.  The outline tab will provide you with a quick view of each screen as well as the number of screen in each session.  The notes tab will change from slide to slide, with many slides having additional notes that add to the presentation.

      At the top right hand corner of each presentation is a navigation hints button and an exit button.  The navigation hints button gives a brief demonstration of the key functions within the presentation.  The Exit button allows you to exit the program so that your quiz results and survey is reported.  A drop down box will appear and you will then be prompted again to confirm that you wish to “Exit now” and then the session will exit.

      Whenever you have completed a quiz ensure you click on the finish button that is usually located bottom right of the quiz.  This ensures that you do not accidentally exit out of the session before it has finished.

      If you are returning to the session, it will ask if you would like to resume from where you left off.  It is suggested you choose Yes, unless you want to return to the beginning.

      Unfortunately slides are locked so that you cannot flick forward.  You can only review those you have already viewed.

      When you have completed a session it will show a green tick in a box next to the session name when you attempt to open the session.  If the session contained a quiz it will have your score in brackets.

      Once you have successfully completed all of the above sessions (including the survey), you must press the ‘Record of Completion’ link to finalise your online training. This will notify the program manager of your completion.

      If at any time you encounter any problems please do not hesitate to contact the Lungs in Action Program Manager (Contact Us).

    • Your Experience

      Your training experience is valuable to us!

      In addition to the feedback you can leave in the completion survey,  please do not hesitate to contact the Program Manager (Contact Us) at any time during your training if you are encountering any problems, have concerns,  or would like to report a negative experience. Your feedback will be acted upon immediately to ensure  any problems are rectified.

      Alternatively if you would like to share a positive training experience  encountered whilst completing  Lungs in Action, you may like to take up the opportunity to write a short testimonial. Testimonials can be made anonymous, and  may be used in promotional material and marketing for the the program.

      If you would like to submit a testimonial please contact the Lungs in Action Program Manager (Contact Us).