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Lungs in Action Practical

Training ModeFace to Face
Assessment RequirementsPractical Assessments
Continuing Education Points Available10 CPD points with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). 8 CEC credits with Fitness Australia.
Cost$175 + GST
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PLEASE NOTE: As this course has an eligibility criteria & prerequisites, you will need to obtain a code from the program manager to purchase this course.

  • The Lungs in Action Practical provides access to the practical component of the Lungs in Action Full Instructor package, for those who have already completed the Lungs in Action Online Theory on a separate occasion.

    Completion of this training along with previous successful completion of the Lungs in Action Online Theory has been designed to provide personal trainers, fitness instructors, exercise physiologists and physiotherapists with the opportunity to deliver Lungs in Action - A community based exercise maintenance program for people with stable chronic lung disease who have completed a Pulmonary Rehabilitation program and people with stable NYHA Class II and Class III Heart Failure who have completed Heart Failure Rehabilitation.
    • Increasing the understanding of the disease process of COPD, Heart Failure & other common chronic lung conditions
    • Recognising the limitations for exercising people with chronic lung conditions and Heart Failure; and demonstrate the ability to amend exercise programing to meet these limitations
    • Distinguishing the key components of exercise programming for those with chronic lung conditions and Heart Failure
    • Identifying and demonstrating the utilization of safety precautions and risk management protocols for exercising a person with chronic lung conditions and Heart Failure
    • Obtaining and exhibiting vital practical skills in managing a breathless client
    • Increasing  exposure to the key components of a Pulmonary and Heart Rehabilitation program
    • Demonstrating  the ability to successfully instruct a Lungs in Action class utilising all the skills and knowledge obtained within the training

    Additionally an objective of the Lungs in Action  Practical is to foster an ongoing mentoring relationship between the Lungs in Action instructor and the local rehabilitation physio or AEP. These relationships can provide ongoing clinical support if required, increase community credibility as a provider of Lungs in Acton, and initiate a consistent referral stream.

  • Suitable mentor/s, in addition to support from the local Pulmonary and Heart Failure Rehabilitation programs must be obtained before completing Lungs in Action Practical. Contact the Lungs in Action Program Manager for further details on your area of interest and eligibility.

    For more information around mentors please click here (link to mentor page). The Pulmonary rehabilitation mentor will undertake the majority of the mentoring responsibilities. Therefore the Pulmonary Rehabilitation mentor will perform the practical assessment and assess the Lungs in Action instructor delivering a class.

    The following items are mandatory requirements of the practical component for the Lungs in Action Practical:
    • Attendance at 2 x Pulmonary Rehabilitation classes plus 2 x Heart Failure classes (If attending a combined Pulmonary Rehabilitation/Heart Failure class a minimum of 3 combination classes may be attended)
    • Completion of 1 x Pulmonary Rehabilitation Core Competency Checklist  & 1 x Heart Failure Rehabilitation Core Competency Checklist by mentors. To be completed once attendance at the above classes has occurred
    • Written assignment:  for which trainee instructors develops a sample class based on a sample list of participants.

    Lungs in Action trainees are required to demonstrate that the design of their model Lungs in Action class takes into account the exercise modifications that might be necessary for the individual clients (given their disease severity and co-morbidities) and analyses the suitability of the location and layout of equipment etc.

    This assessment is overseen by the mentor/s to ensure the model class:

    - meets with their approval so they are confident to refer their clients, and

    - compliments the local Pulmonary and Heart failure rehabilitation program, ensuring a smoother transition for the clients.

    •  A written class design for the Heart Failure program is also given to the Heart Failure mentor for sign off
    •  Practical Assessment : Pulmonary Rehabilitation mentor assesses the Lungs in Action instructor  delivering their first Lungs in Action class
    • The Lungs in Action Online Theory Course is a prerequisite to this training option.  
    • To be offered the opportunity to complete the Lungs in Action Practical all candidates must obtain support from the local rehabilitation programs, and suitable mentors must be available. The Lungs in Action program manager can assist with this. Failure to maintain support and uphold eligibility throughout the training process may lead to the withdrawal of your training enrolment.  
    • Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists are eligible for Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training
    • Non accredited Exercise Physiologists or Exercise Scientists must possess at least 1 year’s exercise experience
    • Personal Trainers & Fitness Instructors must hold a  Cert IV with a minimum of 2 years exercise experience with Older Adult competency
    • Allied Health assistants, Nurses, Occupational Therapists and other health professionals who are interested in the Lungs in Action are encouraged to contact the Program Manager –to discuss further and determine eligibility.
    • All applicants must hold their own professional indeminity insurance.

    Please Note:

    Lungs in Action trainees completing the ‘Lungs in Action - Full Instructor Training Package’ or ‘Lungs in Action Practical’are required to meet the operational prerequisites of their nominated mentoring locations. This may include, but is not limited to; immunisation status and criminal history checks.

    As policies and procedures differ between locations, trainees are encouraged to discuss the requirements of the specific hospital and health service they will be attending prior to enrolment. It is the responsibility of a Lungs in Action trainee to ensure they meet these conditions.

    Lung Foundation Australia does not take any responsibility in covering the cost of these operational prerequisites.

    Examples of immunity status may include, but is not limited to: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chicken pox), hepatitis B and in selective cases for tuberculosis.

    In Australia criminal checks can be completed through state police departments.


  • RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning may be available for Physiotherapists and Exercise physiologists who display experience in working within Pulmonary and Heart Failure Rehabilitation programs. Successful RPL covers the practical component only. Please contact the Lungs in Action Program Manager for more information on the RPL process and your eligibility.

    Benefits of being a LIA Instructor

    Successful Lungs in Action instructors enjoy working as an extension of a team of health professionals in the rewarding area of chronic disease management. Successful programs see instructors gaining knowledge, extending their networks and developing excellent professional relationships with their referring mentors.

    The Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training provides Lungs in Action instructors with an important referral stream of clients.

    Instructors enjoy the personalised approach to the program and obtain ongoing support and assistance from the Lungs in Action Program Manager and Lung Foundation Australia.

    On successful completion of the Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training instructors receive:

    • Lungs in Action t-shirt
    • Copy of “Better Living with COPD – a Patients Guide”
    • Access to flyers and posters for your use
    • Advertising support on Lungs in Action/Lung Foundation Australia website
    • Access to resource materials for their clients
    • Ongoing assistance from Lung Foundation Australia