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Lungs in Action Online Theory

Training ModeOnline
Assessment Requirements2 x Online Assessment
Approximate Duration10-12 hrs
CostAUD 220 + GST
Continuing Education Points Available11 CPD’s with Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA)
10 CEC’s with Fitness Australia.
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  • Lungs in Action Online Theory is a continuing education tool for those who play a role in exercising people with chronic stable lung conditions and/or Heart Failure, or who are a part of a broader multi disciplinary team that provide these services.

    It is also a great way for those who choose not to, or may not meet the requirements to be a specific Lungs in Action instructor but would still like to expand their knowledge with up to date best practice on exercise safety and limitations with this clientele.

    The fact that there are now 1 in 7 Australian’s over 40 years of age with COPD (BOLD, 2013) exercise professionals are now faced with an overwhelming amount of clients who are diagnosed, or show signs of chronic lung conditions. It is important that exercise and health professionals are knowledgeable in this area to ensure safety and optimal outcomes for these clients.

    This comprehensive online training program comprises of over 300 slides with pictures, voice over and videos to provide a classroom “feel”. You will be exposed to a number of videos which include; clients with COPD explaining the impact of their disease, COPD clients exercising, the inside the lungs and the impact of hyperinflation and mechanisms and impact of Heart Failure.

    Fitness instructors, Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Allied Health Assistants, Nurses and many other professions have completed the Lungs in Action Online Theory, all providing very positive feedback about their training experience.

    The Lungs in Action Online Theory forms the basis of the theoretical component of the Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training.

    To find out more about the Full Instructor Training click here
    • Increasing the understanding of the disease process of COPD, Heart Failure & other common chronic lung conditions
    • Recognising the limitations for exercising people with chronic lung conditions and Heart Failure
    • Distinguishing the key components of exercise programming for those with chronic lung conditions and Heart Failure
    • Identifying the safety precautions for exercising a person with chronic lung conditions and Heart Failure
  • The Pulmonary Module covers the following:
    • Refresher training on the respiratory system
    • What is COPD?
    • Other respiratory conditions
    • What is pulmonary rehabilitation?
    • Importance of exercise in COPD
    • Limitations of exercise in COPD
    • Recognising breathlessness
    • Managing breathlessness – recovery positions
    • Supplemental oxygen considerations
    • Other chronic conditions
    • Developing and implementing a tailored exercise program
    • Program design
    The Heart Failure Training Module covers the following:
    • Causes of Heart Failure
    • Symptoms of Heart Failure
    • Classifications of Heart Failure
    • Diagnosis of Heart Failure
    • Limitations to Exercise
    • Management of Heart Failure
    • Medications
    • Procedures (Pacemakers, ICD, Angioplasty, Stenting, Bypass)
    • Benefits of Exercise and Heart Failure
    • Safety Precautions when exercising
    • Heart Failure Rehabilitation
    • Programming for Heart Failure
  • There is no eligibility criteria for the completion of this course.

    Aimed at personal trainers, fitness instructors, exercise physiologist and physiotherapists; this course has been completed by an array of allied health and nursing staff with positive feedback.
  • All Lungs in Action Online Theory participants with be provided with extra notes pages, a training manual, participant workbook, online quizzes and learning activities all designed to develop a better understanding of COPD & Heart Failure.

    Please note:  that completion of this option alone does not provide accreditation to run Lungs in Action classes. Therefore you will not necessarily be covered by insurance to work with this population, unless previous education has provided you with this scope of practice (ie. AEP or Physio).  To be fully covered, you may need to complete the Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training which includes practical placements to demonstrate a new skill set.

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    Full Instructor Course