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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I complete the Online Theory only?

    For those who either do not meet the minimum requirements to be an instructor, or if you would like to utilise the Lungs in Action theory as a training tool to enhance your knowledge base around exercising this clientele, there is an option to complete the online theoretical component only (at a lower cost). This course is called 'Lungs in Action Online Theory' and can be accessed by clicking here. Allied Health Assistants, Fitness instructors, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Nurses and many other professions have opted to complete this option, providing very positive feedback about their training experience. If the online only option is completed successfully and the eligible exercise professional decides they would like to become an accredited Lungs in Action instructor the 'Practical Upgrade' course can be completed. Information on this course can be found here. Please note that completion of the online only option alone does not provide accreditation to run Lungs in Action classes. Access to the online only training is obtained by clicking here and proceeding to the green 'purchase course' button.

  • Will I obtain Continuing Education Points for the training?

    Fitness Aus CEC Lungs in Action is fully accredited by Fitness Australia and is worth a combined total of 15 CEC's with successful completion of the Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training.  10 Fitness Australia CEC’s can be obtained by completing the Lungs in Action Online Theory.
    New ESSA logo - white border Lungs in Action is fully accredited with ESSA, providing a combined total of 19.5 CPD points for the successful completion of the Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training Package, and 11 CPD points for the Lungs in Action Online Theory.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a Lungs in Action instructor?

    Successful Lungs in Action instructors enjoy working as an extension of a team of health professionals in the rewarding area of chronic disease management. Successful programs see instructors gaining knowledge, extending their networks and developing excellent professional relationships with their referring mentors. This provides Lungs in Action instructors with an important referral stream of clients at a period of the day that is generally off-peak. Potential instructors are partnered with willing mentors prior to beginning the course. Instructors enjoy the personalized approach to the program as well as the increased knowledge. Instructors also receive:
    • a t-shirt
    • a copy of “Better Living with COPD – a Patients Guide”
    • access to flyers and posters for your use
    • advertising support on Lungs in Action/Lung Foundation Australia website
    • access to resource materials for their clients
    • ongoing assistance from Lung Foundation Australia
    Coming soon – online forum for instructors.
  • How much does it cost?

    Lung Foundation Australia has priced the Lungs in Action training to be affordable for instructors. Course prices can be obtained by contacting Program Manager Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Lungs in Action
  • How do I enroll into a Lungs in Action training course?

    Enrolments into the online only options of Lungs in Action are now available via our fully online enrollment system. First find the course you would like to complete in the Lungs in Action Training Options page, click on 'Full Course Information' and then proceed to clicking the green 'Purchase Course' button. Once you press the "Purchase Course' button you will be taken to the Lung Foundation Australia Shop that will step you through the payment and enrollment process. Enrollment for the Full Instructor Training, or Practical Upgrade are initiated by obtaining an enrollment form from the program manager. If you would like to enrol and pay via an alternative method, or interested in obtaining an enrollment form please contact the Lungs in Action Program Manager